Vila i Fàbrega in his workshop, with the Davesa to bottom, in a photo of Jordi Soler.



















Eduard Vila i Fàbrega was born on 17th of October of 1921 in Pont Major, a tradesmen’s neighbourhood of Girona.

He was a fundamental piece of the post-war’s art scene in Girona. He was made known to the public through three exhibitions (1952, 1953 and 1954) of the group known as Three painters – together with Jesús Portas and Isidre Vicens. He worked with extreme discretion in his studio in Nord Street. In the next decade, he held several solo exhibitions, mainly in Girona, and his work was recognized with various awards. Enric Marquès says that "Vila i Fàbrega is a visionary, a painter installed in the imaginary, in the imagination."

Perfectionist, demanding of himself, Vila i Fàbrega does not produce more than five or ten pictures a year. Very often discards the work by covering and reusing the canvas. Gradually he left landscape to focus on figure and composition.

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