carme planella

Carme Planella was born in Les Planes (Girona) in 1959.

Since always she has shown a great fondness for drawing and painting that have accompanied her all her life. We could say that it is your refuge to express your feelings.

First, she opted for drawing, but then it was opening the world of color with its different aspects such as oil, watercolor and acrylic. Also recorded, collage, etc.

She has studied several studies in Art Schools, among them the Fita Art School, or the Merced of Girona. Currently, the illustration workshop of Mariona Cabassa.

She has exhibited in several galleries such as the Paspartú Gallery in Barcelona, the Ramón Vila Gallery in Menorca and Olot, Sennachérib in Barcelona, Rueda Button in Torroella de Montgrí, Barcelona Supermarket of Art.

Currently she is working in the world of illustration combining traditional techniques with digital.

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